Alpha Smart City

Alpha – The system that responds

The ALPHA Smart System is an integrated street illumination, surveillance and sensors solution which dramatically cuts down on infrastructure and operational costs and provides the perfect solution for safe and smart cities. The ALPHA Smart System provides energy saving, communication, and wi-fi capabilities as well as supporting additional urban sensors (cameras, crowd trackers, etc.) creating seamless smart city networks, fully compliant with energy saving European regulations. The cost-effective, environmentally friendly ALPHA Smart System integrates seamlessly with the urban environment, provides security without disrupting the urban landscape, while cutting down on greenhouse gases and reducing power consumption by 40 to 70%.

Video and Audio analytics, Crowd Tracking

The system is able to provide parking space data, object tracking, crowd density analysis, traffic flow monitoring and many more additional services. Alpha quickly identifies rifle and gunshots and triggers a dispatch of emergency services. Additionally, the system identifies graffiti painting and directs relevant cameras to specific areas. Alpha can manage vehicle classification for traffic control, monitor human aggression levels and more. Alpha can easily measure crowd density and utilize facial recognition technology for general public safety and law enforcement agencies purposes.

Smart lights, Video and Audio

The Alpha System uses energy saving LED lights, which enable 40%-70% savings compared to regular lighting devices. Alpha provides live video feed with video analytics for automated detection. High resolution audio detection and analysis enable the detection of emergency events, even within densely crowded areas.

Power Units and Additional sensors

The system's solar panels or battery units provide reliable power during outages and stabilize unsafe voltage levels. Furthermore, Alpha provides to 72 additional sensors such as pollution meters, humidity sensors etc. Photo Sensors are activated by the presence of sunlight or by an on / off switch.